Our Company

Exigent is a Canadian company with 15 years of specific experience leading CPG companies in the creation of strategic systems and tools.

Fully Integrated

Optimizing value of systems by presenting ONE framework to tie all functions together delivering a forward look into the business using flexible and engaging interfaces.

Forward Thinking

Customized and Combined Solutions

  • Forecasting
  • ROI
  • Advanced Reporting
  • TPM – Full SAP/Oracle Integration

Providing visibility and transparency through automation.

Better Decision Making

We are proud to provide superior, personalized customer service and solutions that help businesses operate more efficiently and with greater insight into key business drivers – MAXIMIZING PERFORMANCE.

Customer Support

  • Flexible/Phased Rollouts
  • System support
  • Lead User Training
  • Annual Maintenance Plans

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Our Story

Exigent has over 15 years of specific experience with leading CPG companies in the creation of strategic systems and tools.

Exigent has a level of expertise unsurpassed due to our core team remaining consistent over time.  This valuable insight to business process and technical systems, in addition to knowing what works and what doesn’t, keeps costs lower and timeframes tighter exceeding expectations.


Fran Daleo

Fran Daleo

Founder - Lead of Delivery

We have spent our careers working with many functional groups including sales, operations, finance, IT in business consulting and project management.

Tom Lovie

Tom Lovie

Founder - Lead of Development

We have over 15 years of immersion in experiences with systems, processes, financials and analysis.  Tom has doctorate field work in computational mechanics.  There isn’t much we haven’t seen or couldn’t handle.